Go to the Living, Inlandia Institute (2017) Amazon


“I Can Take It”, “Now, Someday”, “Grandpa”

in The Burden of Light: Poems on Illness and Loss, ed. by Tanya Chernov (2014) Amazon

“Now, Someday”

in Best New Poets 2013, ed. by Brenda Shaugnessy and Jazzy Danziger (2013) Amazon

“I Can Take It”

in The Cancer Poetry Project 2, ed. by Karin B. Miller (2013) Amazon



“Custer’s Last Haircut”, “Snabu” in B O D Y

“Medicine”, “A Love Poem”, “Kin”, “Dropped Tanka”  in Sixfold


“Condolences” in Ruminate

“Flagstaff”, “As Always, Love to All, Sylvia”, “First Dream In Which The Wind Speaks For Someone Who Isn’t There” in Tin Cannon

“South Wichita Safeway” in Tupelo Quarterly

“A Story I Remembered This Morning After Finding The Body Of A Lizard I Ran Over With The Big Can” in The Turnip Truck(s)

“Negligent Avocadicide” in LETTERS


“Photograph in the PICU (Undated)”, “Sur Means South”, “Metaphor Game”, “Hunting Accident”in Kindred

“Armadillo”, “Notes From Another Life” in Slice


“Bread”, “Eponymous Snail” in Atticus Review


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